1st April  –  Mrs B was beside herself, pacing up and down the hedge line for 48 hours trying to decide where she was going to pick to give birth.  Having at last plumped on a spot, she gave us two beautiful daughters at about 11.30am.  Let mum dry them off then bought them back up to the barn and into a deep straw bonding pen.  Breeze and Blossom are doing really well, and running mum ragged already!

5th/6th April  –  On a really frosty night, Daisy decided to give us a boy and a girl (Dewdrop and Diblert), but had to good sense to go into the field shelter – what a sensible mum.  

6th April  –  Daisy’s mum Juno (aka Zippy) decided it was her turn, and after a day of watching her with binoculars, gave us two girls – Jade & Jubilee at around 4pm.  She was less than impressed about being moved to the barn, as she had picked the furthest spot away as possible!  

7th April  –  Woke very early to find Buttercup (Zippy’s other daughter and sister of Daisy) had just delivered us two boys in the same spot as Daisy.  Bit of confusion going on in the field shelter, as Willow was intent on stealing them for herself and I had to chase her out.  She was less than impressed and spent the entire day yelling in protest!

9th April  –  Willow decided to give birth in the middle of the night, and we went out early to find she had a little boy, but were saddened to find his twin was stillborn.  Later that day around 5.30pm, her mum Rosie also gave us twin boys, which were both fine and dandy, but she flatly refused to budge from the field shelter, so we left her there with her friend Primrose on guard duty.

20th April  –  After a long wait, Primrose finally went into labour.  First boy arrived with no problems, but then I had a panic call from David who could only see one leg on the second and she was straining.  Flew back from work at breakneck speed only to find she had popped it out herself the moment I arrived through the gate  –  luckily Penelope was extremely small.  The weather was terrible, so we kept them in for a week, just letting them out in a little paddock on their own during the day.  

Phew!  All done now, and looking forward to getting to know them all, although confess at the moment its difficult to tell one from the other!