All mothers and babies are doing well and providing hours of entertainment.  I swear they have an alarm clock built in, as they wander back up to the barn at the same time every day for food morning and night.  The youngsters insist on piling into the feed store to create havoc, and getting them out again is like herding kittens!  However, it lets mums get on with eating in peace and quiet and, because it’s a confined space, I get to check them all over and handle them.  When feeding time is over, I often get left to babysit them all when mums return to the paddock. They are all so individual, and its lovely to see the two youngest are putting on weight fast and will no doubt catch up with the others in no time at all.

Need to start thinking about who we are going to show.  Have downloaded the schedules and will have a think soon.  Going to Devon County Show on Thurs 17th May but only as a spectator – not sure we are at county level yet!