I have been out with the hand roller in a vain attempt to flatten out the leg prints in their route to the field shelter. We decided to open up their lambing paddock, but there is no grass! It hasn’t grown where the digger works were done, so is bare earth in half of it, so good job its dry!

Our old tractor wouldn’t start after being over wintered, so our friend kindly came and topped the reed and chain harrowed just before the rains came, so hopefully that will help the spring grass shoot up. Our tractor’s starter motor has been replaced, so thankfully we are mobile again, as the ride on was struggling a bit, poor thing.

We had our first lambs!! Already had twin boys from Primrose, Pandora and Una, twin girls from Squirella and a boy and girl from Lilly. All except Primmy’s are jet black, all arrived safely and are all doing really well. Its so nice to look out of the kitchen window and see them playing together already. I put down some old tyres and bales of hay which they think are wonderful, and spend time running from one to the other jumping on, in and over them – hours of entertainment! Not expecting any more for a week, so can breathe again for a minute or two.