About Us

Having spent considerable time researching which breed of sheep to introduce to our smallholding, we decided on Shetlands as they appeared to meet all of our criteria.  They were hardy, easy to lamb, good mothers, had a great character and wealth of colours to choose from.  They thrive on grass and love buttercups, brambles and willow – all of which we have in abundance!

We bought our foundation stock of 5 pedigree ewes in 2009 and opened the back of the trailer in a ten acre field and thought we would never see them again!  However, they were so naturally curious and friendly, it wasn’t long before they came over to say hello and enjoy a good scratch and fuss.  One of them is affectionately nicknamed “zippy” from her obsession with pulling jacket zips up and down.

We introduced a ram in November 2009, and the following spring to our surprise, all of them had twins!  They were indeed excellent mothers and the lambs were all up on their feet and sucking in a matter of minutes.  The lambs provided hours of entertainment, and were so playful, we gave them a football and flowerpot which was hilarious to watch along with them racing over old hay bales and jumping off all four feet and back flipping!  We were so taken with them we kept all the ewe lambs so had already doubled the flock.

We didn’t breed that year, but fell in love with a black ram called J’edwood from Furzehill Shetland Sheep, so in 2010 he went with all ten of our girls.  We were then presented with 19 healthy lambs and so our story continues….

We sell the fleeces, famous for their fine wool which comes in a variety of naturally beautiful colours.
We occasionally have ewes, lambs and rams for sale along with Shetland meat which is lean, sweet, fuller flavour and low in saturated fats.

Please feel free to contact us on 01409 220063 to arrange a visit to meet them.