April 2013

I have been out with the hand roller in a vain attempt to flatten out the leg prints in their route to the field shelter. We decided to open up their lambing paddock, but there is no grass! It hasn’t grown where the digger works were done, so is bare earth in half of...

June 2012

Mothers and babies are thriving, and have sent off our entry forms to this year’s shows. Have spent countless hours preparing fleeces, painstakingly removing particles of seeds and hay/straw – very therapeutic! 

March 2013

The girls continue to look more pregnant, with a couple looking due any minute! We have had snow, and the wind has been whipping across from the east bringing heavy frosts so the land is looking more like brown carpet with no sign of spring grass on the way...

January 2013

The weather is still atrocious, but the sheep don’t seem bothered by it. The are happily munching their way through stripping the branches of our huge bonfire left from cutting back the trees last October, but its been too wet to set fire to it! 

December 2012

We eventually built the walls to the extended field shelter, and put the roof on with the help of a friend as the weather had been so windy, I couldn’t lift the tin on without fear of being blown into the next county!